Aldi Maths Games (Review)

I bought these games in Aldi during the week. They were 3.99 each. I thought they would be great for Maths next year.

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The first game is ‘What’s the time?’ which children can play to help them learn the time.


The game comes with 4 clock faces (along with moveable hands).


There are cards with clock faces on one side and digital time (both 12 and 24 hour) on the opposite side.


There are lots of ways that this game can be played which are explained in the pack for example; Set the right time; each player takes a large clock. The game leader shuffles the cards then draws a card from the pack and calls out the time. The other players set the right time and shout ‘STOP’ when they have it. The winner is the first to show the correct time.


The second game is Times Tables Bingo. This game is to practice multiplication times tables.


It comes with numbered cards, counters and 2 twelve sided dice.


There’s also this handy multiplication square which the children can use when self-correcting/playing the game.

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One of the suggested games;

Lay out the cards in multiples from 0 – 10.


Children roll the two dice and multiply the numbers and put their counter on the answer.

(The winner gets 4 in a row.)



The cards in both pack are thick and shouldn’t need to be laminated. The counters in the ‘Times Tables Bingo’ are quite thin so I don’t think they will last very long!

Overall the games are very good and I hope to use them a lot next year!

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