Hope everyone is enjoying the summer holidays! I usually spend the first week getting my summer courses completed and catching up on some blog admin. The first course I started this week was ‘Calm Bootcamp’ with Anokha Learning. I actually completed the course last year as well but I felt I needed a refresher as I feel it will be really beneficial for the children in my class next year (and for myself too).

A bit about Anokha courses

I have completed all of the Anokha summer courses at this stage and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Each course focusses on wellbeing and creating a safe environment for children in your classroom so they are not subject specific but rather initiatives and ideas to implement in your classroom to cater for the development of all children.

The Calm Bootcamp course (which is unfortunately full – testament to how brilliant it is) was so simple to complete as I was really interested and motivated by the content which I found so relevant and practical. The ideas shared don’t require a huge amount of preparation or planning and can be implemented easily in my classroom.

The format of the courses is fantastic as there is a video for each module (but also a downloadable ebook) so it really caters for all learners.

For some parts I watched the video and for other I read through the ebook at my own pace. There is a quiz at the end of each module which focusses on the learning that took place (from the ebook/video). There are useful resources and links which are downloadable in each module and then a discussion forum at the end whereby you have to answer questions usually based on how you will implement the recommendations in your classroom which gives you the opportunity to think through how these ideas will work in your own setting.

I found the discussion forums a really great place to get ideas from fellow teachers and the tutor also emailed me with some additional resources when I completed the course.

There is also an additional (optional) module on Restorative Practice with Michelle Stowe (who gave a workshop in my school this year and I cannot recommend her highly enough either) so this is a brilliant addition to the courses!

Overall I cannot recommend this course (and all the courses from Anokha Learning) highly enough. They are so practical and worthwhile and the ideas are definitely going to benefit me and my class next year.


*I was gifted this course for review purposes but as always my opinion and reviews are 100% honest.*