I’m currently teaching in the U.K. but I have decided to move back to Ireland. I’ve learned a lot teaching here and it was fantastic to experience a different education system. For now though, I’d like to move home and apply my new skills. And so the dreaded Standard Application Forms start again…

Top tips;

  • Fill out a template one which includes your qualifications and contact details
  • This leaves the three sections of experience and skills, ethos and success, and additional information.
  • To fill out these sections, look at the schools website. Here you will find lots of information about the school, their ethos and their mission statement. Use this information to help you to write about how you will contribute. Remember to be specific and give examples of your own experience to back up what you say.
Your application letter needs to be to the point. Principals and selection committees are receiving hundreds of applications from people all over the country. A brief cover letter which highlights one or two things that you can contribute is enough. There is no need to repeat yourself. (It will all be in your SAF anyway).
If you are asked to attach a passport photo, attach this to the application letter so it is the first thing that is seen.
For certificates/ written references, scan them onto your computer so you can easily print them – otherwise you have to photocopy them each time.
If you are sending email applications, save them as PDF files. This makes sure that they can be opened on all computers regardless of what program you use.
Hope this helps,
Best of luck to everyone applying!
Niamh x