Usually if you are working in a mainstream classroom you’re given an art budget which is typically between 5 and 8 euro per child. So in a class of 28 children you will have approximately 150 – 200 euro or more to spend on art supplies for the year.art1

Inventory/Stock Take

Do an inventory/stock take of what you have already (if you are currently teaching in a mainstream class, you probably have a lot of supplies from this year or previous years).

What do I need?

Here is my list of essentials; things that you will definitely use during the year. (You can always pick up other bits and pieces for different projects along the way)

  • Paper (A3 and A4)
  • Card (A4 – white and colour)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Wool
  • Permanent markers
  • Oil pastels
  • Glue (PVA) and glue sticks
  • Clay
  • Scissors

Where is the best place to source materials?

There are so many shops to source art supplies from!

My top places include;

How much do I need? How much do things cost?


Buy large sizes of red, yellow, blue, green and smaller sizes of other colours.

Paint Brushes

These are available from art supply shops as well as Mr. Price. Usually they cost between €4-€6 for 12 brushes. (You will need both thick and thin brushes).


A ream of white A4 paper is always handy to have. You can get it anywhere from Tesco to Mr. Price or include it in your art order. (It usually costs between €4 and €6)

A pack of coloured A4 paper is also really good to have.

A3 cartridge paper is great for painting or when using oil pastels. Cartridge paper is thicker and is better for painting. It usually costs less than €20 for 500 sheets.


Card is used for lots of things throughout the year.

I usually buy two reams from Mr. Price for €9.99 each. There are 250 sheets in each ream.


I usually buy wool in Dealz as there is often an offer of 3 balls for the price of 2. (So €3 for 3 balls – 1 euro each).

These plastic needles from Evans are €2.20 and are really useful when doing Fabric and Fibre lessons.

Permanent Markers

These are great to go over the outline of a piece of artwork. I use these very regularly. I bought packs of 4 last year in Lidl for about €1.50 each. (Last years markers are still perfect)


Oil Pastels

Oil pastels really make a piece of art stand out. Prices vary from €2 – €4.



Air hardening clay which will cover at least 2 clay lessons with a class of 28-30. You can get either Terracotta (brown colour) or grey.


You will need PVA glue and I also think gluesticks are a must.

Glue spreaders are also handy to have

Glue sticks

These are my top things to have for any classroom for September. 

You will more than likely need to go and get other materials during the year but these items should be enough to do a lot of art lessons.