This is a quick overview of my assessment folder for working as a resource teacher.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.51.53


I bought the assessment folder in Mr. Price for 2.99.


Each child has their own section; I just added a label where the childs name and class teacher will be written. There are then 5 different tabs;

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Targets
  • Classroom Observation
  • PT Meetings


The literacy section will include samples of work along with spelling programs. I will also complete a Neale Analysis Reading Test during the year as well as a Schonell Spelling Test all which will be included here.


I will do a numeracy test at the beginning of the year to assess where the child is at and identify key areas they are struggling with. I will then assess different strands throughout the year and add these results to this section. I will probably also have a section testing mental maths; number bonds, doubles, times tables etc.


This section will be for the targets the child has. These might include targets in the areas of gross/fine motor skills, social skills, anger management skills etc. These targets will be agreed with the child at the beginning of the year.


During the first week or two I spend some time in class observing the child – I might work with a group that the child is in or just sit and watch the child for a few minutes and identify needs/targets.

I also give the class teacher an observation checklist/questionnaire in October that they fill out their own observations and identify the child’s strengths or areas the child might need support in. This is a great help when completing the IEP.


Usually I meet with parents at the beginning of the year, before the IEP is made, when the IEP is completed and then a review during the year. These meetings may be face to face or else over the phone. I always take notes during these meetings and I’ll add them to this section in the assessment folder.