I’ve received a number of requests for a blogpost about assessment folders and how to keep records for assessment purposes so this is a quick overview of what works for me.

I purchased this planner from Mr. Price at the beginning of the summer – I already had a Folens planner, but I liked the Chevron pattern so decided to buy it as it was only €2. I wanted to make use of the planner but wasn’t entirely sure what to do and then I thought about using it for assessment.

This section will be used to keep track of homework – It will be a very quick tick if homework is completed, M if something is missing and X if homework isn’t completed. I think this is a good way to keep track of homework/ patterns for missing or incomplete homework etc. and it won’t take up much time in the morning.

There are other areas with this similar format that can be used for project work/spellings assessment etc.

I’m going to use the ‘Lesson Plan’ section above for teacher observations – I’ll write the day on the top of each page and quickly jot down any observations throughout the day using the childs initials. I can then transfer these into my assessment folder.

Assessment Folder

This folder will include;

  • Class list
  • Standardised test scores from previous years/current year
  • Teacher observations
  • Meetings with parents
  • Teacher designed tasks and tests results (spelling tests, project results, end of topic tests etc.)
  • Samples of pupils work
  • Resource – IEP’s and plans
  • Learning Support – IPLP’s

I picked these dividers up in Sostrene Grene for my assessment folder.

Each child will have their own section.

I picked these coloured refill pads up in Mr. Price. I will use the yellow refill pad for keeping track of teacher observations and the purple for meetings with parents. In the past I had a confidential notebook but I found it almost impossible to keep things in order and often misplaced the notebook and wrote on pages instead and then had to spend too much time organising and filing everything away. I’m hoping this way will be more organised and easy to manage.

I usually keep samples of the children’s work in the assessment folder but this can be a very time consuming task and often the folder breaks. So instead I might try a plastic folder for each child which they can put their work samples into.