This is a quick post about my top 3 attention grabbers which you might find useful!

Hand in the air

This is such an easy but fantastic technique. When you want attention/ focus on you – then raise your hand – children must do the same. It immediately quietens a room and theres no need for you to raise your voice.


I know whispering is actually bad for your voice/vocal chords but speaking in a very low, quiet tone and giving an instruction e.g. put your hand on your head works really well. The children who are listening will immediately respond and those who are off task will wonder what is going on and join back in.


Call and Response

I love music and try to integrate it wherever possible so I love using a Call and Response. My favourite is Abeeyo (which I taught the children at the beginning of the year.) (Link)

  • Abeeyo (teacher)
  • Abeeyo (class)
  • Abeeyo (teacher)
  • Abeeyo (class)
  • Abeeyo beeyo be yem ma ma (teacher)
  • Abeeyo beeyo be yem ma ma (class)