Maths Around Me; Swimming Pool

We had CPD after school yesterday which ended at 4.30pm so I decided to go for a swim. I swam for about 2/3 lengths thinking of nothing and relaxing when my mind started thinking of school/ lesson ideas / blog posts once again. (Yes I know – I need to get a life…) So anyway, […]

Maths Games (using playing cards)

I love using the same resource in a variety of ways. At the moment, we have been doing lots of games with playing cards. The children enjoy the games and don’t realise they are even doing Maths.

Maths Stations (Chance)

Today we started the topic ‘Chance’ in Maths. The class found the topic quite easy and very enjoyable so tomorrow we will do some Maths Stations based on the topic.

Maths Around Me; Baking

When baking, I often find recipes from the US which use ‘cups’ instead of grams. Baking is an area which provides lots of opportunities for children to use their maths skills. All Recipes

Maths Around Me; The Motorway

2nd in the series of my ‘Maths Around Me’ posts. The first was based on the Swimming Pool. My commute to work is spent in queues on the M50 so gives me lots of time to think/develop my road rage. Some maths topics that could be covered using the ‘motorway’.

Crazy Hair Art

  We are nearly finished our ‘Crazy Hair Art’ which we’ve been working on since we came back from the Easter Holidays. This was a fun, creative project which the children really enjoyed and which turned out very well. This is a quick blog post on the lesson.

Some ideas for a reading lesson

Reading lessons can be hard to make interesting and enjoyable for children. Reading a story and then answering written comprehension questions or completing written activities is boring. This blog post is to share some ideas for reading lessons.

Structure of an Irish Lesson

Hi everyone, Facebook just reminded me that this day 3 years ago (30th January 2013) I completed my dip! So I’ve had a few messages about how to structure different lessons. This post will be about how to structure an Irish lesson. Introduction; Cluiche I start most Irish lessons with a game.  This is mainly […]

Structure of a Maths lesson

With over 100 likes on my post ‘Structure of an Irish lesson’ – I’ve decided to do a series with ideas for each subject. Next up is Maths. Maths is probably one of my favourite subjects to teach. I love to see the ‘lightbulb’ moment especially when children have a fear about a new topic/ […]

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