Teaching Fractions (3rd Class)

Some strategies for teaching fractions! Paper Folding I showed the children a piece of A4 paper and asked ‘I fold this page into two pieces. What is each piece called?’ Most children knew – half. So I asked how do you write ‘half’ and a child came to the board and wrote half. I then […]

Adding Monsters (Art)

This link popped up on my Facebook page the other day so I had a quick browse and decided it would be a nice lesson. We are currently covering the strand of drawing so this lesson was perfect. I showed the children some of the pictures from the above link.

Supplementary Panel 2016/2017

The supplementary panel circular for 2016/2017 was released yesterday. Last year, I wrote a blog post explaining some parts of it which was very popular so I have decided to do a new one for this year. Main panel Main panel is for teachers who are currently permanent or hold C.I.D. (Contracts of Indefinite Duration) […]

Tailoring your application

If you are applying for jobs in different counties in Ireland you probably don’t know much about the schools you’re applying to. It is important to try tailor your application to each individual school and to show how your talents would benefit the school in question. This blog post is showing you where to find […]

To investigate the best coin cleaner

This morning the children were delighted to see a number of items on my table. Many remarked excitedly that today we must be doing an experiment. I said nothing and let their curiosity get the better of them until I was asked outright ‘What experiment are we doing?’ I said we weren’t as I knew […]

Procedural Writing – A Love Potion

Valentines Day is next Sunday so I decided to link my procedural writing for February with the theme of love. We covered procedural writing last October and the children loved creating spells to turn me into a toad.

Prize Box

I use Class Dojo for classroom management, when the children earn x amount of points they get to choose a reward. The rewards range from stickers (5 points) to homework passes (50 points). If a child earns 15 points they can choose a prize from our prize box.

Parent Teacher Meetings

We will have parent teacher meetings in 2 weeks time. These are a fantastic opportunity to  meet the parents and share the children’s progress, achievements and any issues/concerns that you or indeed the parents might have. Parents know their children best so take what they say on board.

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