Class Mascot/Teddy

On Infant T.P., the class had a teddy that went home each weekend with a different child who took photos and wrote a piece about the teddy’s adventure. When I taught Year 1 in England, the school had two teddies; Stilton and Cheddar – mice. Stilton was for the junior school (Reception – Year 2) […]

Differentiation in a Maths lesson

We started learning subtraction (with renaming) yesterday. I revised the concept and we did lots of examples on the IWB however when the children went to work independently many struggled to answer the questions. Image Source

CID – What does it mean?

CID is a Contract of Indefinite Duration. To qualify for a CID you must have; Correct qualification Teaching council registration Continuous employment (on a fixed term/temporary contract covering career break, secondment, resource hours/increase in numbers) in the SAME school in EXCESS of two years. How to apply Fill in the form CID for the first time and […]

Twinkl – A review

I’m often sent new books/products/ resources to use but I always try to take a couple of weeks/months using them before I recommend them. This is mainly because I know how much money teachers spend on resources and therefore I want to be sure that a resource is worthwhile or useful. A couple of weeks […]

Permanent Jobs in Teaching

I left college in 2011, sent thousands of application forms and subbed in lots of different schools but job prospects were awful. I was lucky to get a part time resource position from January – March and then a full time resource position for the rest of the year. Following this, I got a temporary […]

Eadaí (Some ideas)

  This week we started Eadaí in Gaeilge lessons. By the end of the week I’m hoping  that children will have learned the vocabulary for a variety of pieces of clothing as well as key phrases such as; Tá __________ ar ____________. Tá __________ uirthi. Tá __________ air. An bhfuil ___________ ort? Tá __________ orm. […]

Gaeilge – Briathra

This week we had a visit from a teacher working for the PDST for Gaeilge. Each class group had a meeting with her and it was great to get tips and ideas for teaching Gaeilge. I’ve been using some of the ideas she gave us this week and they have worked really well. This was […]

1916 Commemorations with 3rd Class

I’ve been thinking a lot about 1916 Commemorations and what exactly to do with my class. As a school we are organising a huge event and everyone is involved with dancing, exhibitions, dramas, songs, dressing up, projects etc. I’ve decided to focus on some key aspects of life in 1916 and will do 1/2 lessons […]