Gaeilge – Briathra

This week we had a visit from a teacher working for the PDST for Gaeilge. Each class group had a meeting with her and it was great to get tips and ideas for teaching Gaeilge. I’ve been using some of the ideas she gave us this week and they have worked really well. This was […]

1916 Commemorations with 3rd Class

I’ve been thinking a lot about 1916 Commemorations and what exactly to do with my class. As a school we are organising a huge event and everyone is involved with dancing, exhibitions, dramas, songs, dressing up, projects etc. I’ve decided to focus on some key aspects of life in 1916 and will do 1/2 lessons […]

Maths Box

This is a quick post about my ‘Maths Box’. This is simply a box where I keep most of my Maths resources including loop cards, problem solving, challenge cards etc. The Maths Box is used at least 2-3 times a week in different ways. Mental maths starter – loop cards (times tables, length etc.) Early […]

Moving to England Part 1 (My Experience)

I’m writing this blog post based on my own personal experience. I’ve been asked a number of times about my experiences teaching in the UK and if I’d recommend it. I’ve been asked by a number of teaching agencies in the UK to advertise positions and I’ve seen many on Facebook over the last few weeks […]

Growth Mindset

  I truly believe that you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it. Many children are very hard on themselves and get very upset if they make a small mistake. Some children give up before they even start or at the first hint of a challenge because they are terrified of […]

Atlas Games

We’ve been using our atlas a lot over the last few weeks. The children have loved playing different games and have learned so much about different places in the world. This is a quick post with some games you might find useful for your class.

Attention Grabbers

  This is a quick post about my top 3 attention grabbers which you might find useful! Hand in the air This is such an easy but fantastic technique. When you want attention/ focus on you – then raise your hand – children must do the same. It immediately quietens a room and theres no […]

The role of a resource teacher

  Whether you’re an NQT or an experienced teacher doing resource for the first time can be quite daunting. Unfortunately there isn’t a huge amount of time spend on working with children with additional needs in teacher training college. We had a lecture (which you could opt into – it was not compulsory) once a […]

Transition Activities

  So by now you probably know your new class for next year and will be meeting them before the end of term. Here are some ideas to get to know your new class and to ease any anxiety the children may feel about a new teacher.