I’ve moved – www.irishprimaryteacher.ie

Hi there, www.irishprimaryteacher.blogspot.ie has now moved! You can find my brand new website here!(www.irishprimaryteacher.ie) Here are some screenshots of the new site The site has a minimalist view and is easy to find everything you are looking for with the help of the Categories drop down menu on the right hand side. The IPT Store where […]

Classroom Layout Ideas

There are so many different ways to arrange your classroom furniture. I’ve made a document with 7 different ideas arranging the tables for group work or working independently. I have also coloured them – showing different groupings. My personal favourite is Slide 4 as it lends itself to group and independent work!   You can […]

Making your Timetable

Timetables are one of the planning requirements for probation but are also needed in every classroom/ resource or learning support setting. I’ve been looking at the allocations over the last few days and am bemused about how I’ll have 42 mins a day for Gaeilge and 36 mins a day for SESE. I wonder who […]

Getting organised for September

You probably think I’m mad to be talking about getting organised for September when it’s not even the middle of July however, this is a post detailing the top things to buy/acquire during July and August to prevent a last minute panic come september. 1. A good laminator This is an essential purchase – if […]

Visual Timetables

A visual timetable is an essential resource for every classroom. It helps children to know what will happen during the day and is particularly important for children with anxiety or ASD. It helps to develop the concept of time too. It helps put a structure on the day and builds children’s independence. (They don’t constantly […]

Group Names

Spent a few hours today making Group Names for display in the classroom. There is a selection of different names for behaviour management, reading, maths groups etc. I have made this in black and white – this is to cater for those who don’t have a coloured printer (myself included) – all you need to […]

Re – interviewing in a school you’ve worked in

This is a blogpost about re-interviewing in a school you currently work in. I’ve done it twice before – once when there was a permanent vacancy (that I knew I hadn’t a hope of getting but wanted to show interest!) and this year! I think its almost harder than interviewing in a school for the […]

My Trip to Mr. Price

Mr. Price is one of my favourite shops for teaching supplies. I took a slight detour on the way home today to pick up a few bits and pieces for next year. I wanted baskets to store copies in next year so I found these two.  I thought these were a bit big…  So much […]

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