Back to School After Midterm

The midterm went so fast – I can’t believe we are back to school on Monday. Here are a few things that I’ll be working on with my class over the next few weeks!

Lesson ideas/topics/themes

In Literacy – our main theme for the month is bullying. We’ve started reading Wonder so many of our lessons will be based around the book and this will link nicely in with SPHE too. In writing we will look at the narrative genre – we wrote a short story for 3rd class before Halloween break and the children really enjoy writing their own stories. We might take part in the Write a Book Competition too – but I’m not sure yet!

In Maths, we’ll be focussing on Fractions which is always a tricky topic – especially with common denominators, mixed numbers, improper fractions etc. In Maths, I try (as much as possible) to break everything down into bite sized chunks to enable the children to really understand the concepts. I try to use concrete materials (paper folding, counters for fractions – at the beginning) to enable the children to visualise the problems.

In Gaeilge – we’ll be covering the theme of ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’ – this is one of my favourite themes as there are lots of opportunities for the children to be active during Gaeilge lessons. We’ve also been using Abair Liom since September and the online/interactive resources are great!

In History – we’ll be looking at the Vikings and the children will be completing group projects on the Vikings. I will get a selection of books on the Vikings from our school library and each group will pick 3/4 areas to study and then complete their project. We will also look at the cities that the Vikings set up – Waterford, Dublin etc. and discuss why these areas were chosen.

In Geography – we’ll be studying Norway. We’ll start with a KWL chart and see what the children know already. One of the teachers in my school is half Norwegian so I’ll arrange for her to come and chat to the class about Norway once we have learned a bit about it. We’ll use Google Maps to see where Norway is and plan a route by plane/car/boat to get there too.

In Science – we’ll be looking at materials. We’ll take a close look at Waterford Crystal and see how the raw materials are transformed into beautiful pieces of crystal. When I was in college, I worked as a tour guide in Waterford Crystal so I have great videos that will show the process from start to finish. I also have some pictures of myself blowing and cutting crystal so the children will enjoy those!

In P.E. our strand for the month is Dance. I’m a bit nervous about this as I have a soccer mad class and I’m sure Dance won’t be their favourite strand. However, I’m looking forward to using ‘Dancin Time’ by Jacintha McEvoy as a starting point for my lessons! You can read my review of Dancin Time here.

In Art we’ll be doing a lot of work on the colour wheel and painting. Painting is one of the strands of Art that can be so messy but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

In Drama we’ll integrate with Literacy and SPHE and cover the area of bullying. We’ll look at the different types of bullying that exist for children, act out what the bullying looks like and then show what children can do to stand up to bullying or report bullying.

In Music we’ll continue with song singing and tin whistle for the performing strand, we’ll use abstract concepts/ events e.g. volcano as a basis for our composition and I’ve picked some nice Irish music such as ‘Ripples in the Rockpools’ for our listening and responding.


Science Week

Science week runs from the 12th – 19th November. This is a blogpost that a wrote last year with some great experiments and other ideas for Science week! You can read it here.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Our parent teacher meetings will be in two weeks time. This is a great chance for you to meet with each child’s parents, share some of their achievements and things that are working well for the child so far this year and also to ┬ádiscuss any concerns/ observations you have made. In preparation for this, I will do 1/2 assessments (mainly in Literacy and Numeracy) over the next week or so, get the children to fill out a self assessment page about their learning and make sure all my notes/observations are ready too. I have written a number of blogposts on parent teacher meetings which you can read here.

The C word

Personally, I have a rule that the ‘C’ word shouldn’t be mentioned before the beginning of December. My birthday is at the end of November, so not a whisper about the C word is allowed. I won’t be doing a Christmas play this year, we have a large music night in school every December and I’m involved in one of the groups that will perform so trying to do a play too is just too much. (Been there, done that and will never do it again!) However, if you’d like to read some tips about Christmas plays then you can read the blogpost here.


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