I love Music and try to incorporate it as much as possible into the classroom – listening and responding, song singing, playing instruments are all part of the music curriculum. I also find teaching times tables through song works brilliantly for many children.


I also like to play music in the background in the classroom. I find this keeps the volume down in the room when doing busy/noisy lessons such as Art. It also works well first thing in the morning, during writing, when the children come back in from P.E./ yard and need a few minutes of relaxing before beginning work again.

I’ve picked 5 of my favourite pieces that I like using in the classroom.

Beethovens 5 Secrets; The Piano Guys

Comptine d’Un Autre Été from Amelie

Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche

Forest Gump – Theme

Erik Satie – Gymnopédie No.1