On Thursday, we will be baking Christmas Cookies and decorating them as ‘Melted Snowmen’.

Click the image for the full recipe!

I decided to base lots of our sessions before Thursday on the cookies; here are some things we have done already and other things we will do. This gives the children a chance to develop their language skills, social skills and fine motor skills.


  • Making lists; we made a shopping list for the ingredients
  • Bossy verbs; we made a list of bossy verbs that we can use when writing the recipe.
  • Procedural writing; the recipe
  • Photostory; I will take lots of photos of the baking and afterwards the children will add some text using Photostory. (This is great for retelling!)


  • Estimating; cost of different ingredients
  • Weight; measuring out the ingredients
  • Adding/Multiplying; the recipe we have makes 12 cookies. What if we want to make 24 cookies? What do we need to do with the ingredients.
  • Money; finding the cost of different materials using Tesco Online Shopping and Supervalu Online Shopping and comparing the two prices – finding which offered the best value.

Screenshot from the Tesco Online Shopping

  • Word problems/Problem solving; finding the cost of 1 item if the pack of 3 costs €1.50.

Each pack cost €1.50 – how much did I spend altogether? How many tubes of icing do we have? If there are 10 children baking cookies. How many tubes of icing will be left? etc.

These are the decorations for the cookies.


If a pack of 3 costs €1.50. How much does 1 tube cost?

If a pack of 2 costs €1.50. How much does 1 cost?

Motor Skills;

  • Baking; measuring, pouring, stirring, mixing etc.

Social Skills

  • Turn taking
  • Working with different children
  • Asking questions
  • Listening and following instructions

Baking is a fantastic activity to do – the children learn so much from it but its also lots of fun!