Being sick- the show must go on!

So I’m writing this post from my sick bed and of course worrying about going back to school. Teachers often feel they have to go to school even when very sick because the children in our care depend on us and will find the day difficult without us. For me, this usually means that I drag myself to school when really I should be in bed.

As teachers, we need to realise that the show will go on if we are not well enough for school. Substitute teachers are well trained- yes they may not be you or do things in the same way but they will look after your class until you return.
Have an ‘in case of emergency folder- include;
Class list
Class routines
School day – when is break? Lunch?
Some activities that children can do- busy work for the first 30-45 minutes to allow the substitute teacher to get to know the class
Keep your plans up to date- what is currently being covered (keep a brief note of what is being taught this week)
Text a colleague with a brief outline of what to cover
Substitute teachers;
Keep a note of what you have covered (teacher will need this for her plans)
Correct the work you do 
Don’t believe ‘our teacher always lets us…’ Phrases 
Enjoy teaching a new group of wonderful children 

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