Beyond 2020: Using Technology in the Primary Classroom

Last week I completed this course through INTO Learning. It is an online course and overall I found it quite useful. I wanted to complete it last week because I hate the dread of it hanging over me all summer and this year many online course providers only give you one month to complete the course – so there are some ‘July’ courses and some ‘August’ courses. (I think for most providers its the same course just run in a different month!). I was also completing a face to face course so was delighted when Friday came and I had two courses finished!



This blog post is to quickly share some of the websites/ technologies I learned about on the course – some of which I hope to use next year.

Geoguessr was the first website to be shared. This site can be used to develop the childrens skills to work as a geographer! It is a geography game that uses real images through Google Street View. The children are shown 5 different locations and have to figure out where they are. They then make a guess to where it is on the map – the closer they are the more points they get. To help them they can look for; topography, natural resources, road signs, landmarks, plant life etc.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 19.48.32

Geosettr allows you to make the games for Geoguessr so you can make a game suitable to what you are studying in class.

I think these would be brilliant to use when introducing a new topic – Where do you think we will be learning about? The children will instantly take on the role of a geographer searching for clues about their new place of study.

Storybird is a place where you can create digital storybooks in minutes. The children can write the books on the site and choose from amazing illustrations to add to their books. I think this will be a huge hit in the resource room next year! It would also be brilliant to use with reluctant writers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 20.12.06

Audioboom is a site where you can record audio and download an mp3 of your recording.

Scratch can be used to create stories, games and animations online or alternatively you can download it to your computer. Children learn to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively. I think Scratch is great to develop problem solving skills too.


Prezi can be used for making presentations online. It is quite like powerpoint but you can make more impressive presentations with features such as ‘zoom’. It is also good for visual learners and works like a ‘mind map’.

Pinterest is a brilliant tool for getting ideas. (I’m sure most teachers are aware of it already) You can follow me here.


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