Bike to Work Scheme for Teachers

This is a really quick blogpost sharing my recent experience with the Bike to Work Scheme. It worked out really well and quickly for me so thought I’d give a quick overview in case anyone else is interested.

  1. Go to a bike shop that is participating in the Cycle to Work Scheme (List of shops available here.) I went to Cycle Superstore in Tallaght as they have a huge selection of bikes and accessories/safety equipment.
  2. Get a quote for a bike that you like and include some accessories e.g. helmet, lights, lock etc. (Personally I got a quote for the bike and then safety equipment to the value of โ‚ฌ1000 as I didn’t know exactly which helmet etc. that I wanted)
  3. Download the application form (here) and send the application and your quote to the Department.
  4. Your application should be processed quickly and you will get a call from the bike shop to say the funds have been paid.

(Most friends who have applied for a bike through the bike to work scheme received a letter stating the price they would be paying – however I haven’t received this yet. As far as I’m aware you can save up to 52% depending on your tax band on your new bike and accessories up to the value of โ‚ฌ1000)

I send my application on the 30th April and picked up my bike on 8th May. (So it took 7 days as Monday was a bank holiday!)

Overall I found the process very straightforward and I’m delighted with my new bike!

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