I was in Smyths today picking up a birthday present for a four year old when I came to the board games/puzzles area. I think board games are brilliant for the resource room for social skills (turn taking, winning and losing etc.) as well as language and communication and problem solving skills. It helps children to learn different skills in a fun and relaxing way.


I’ve used all these games before and think they are all brilliant. Unfortunately, I left some of them in an old school so no longer have them – I’ll need to reinvest soon!


This version of ‘Guess Who’ is only €8.99.

Oral language; children need to use questioning to try to find out ‘who’s who’. They need to use descriptive vocabulary to describe the features of different people.

Problem solving; Children need to ask the best questions to eliminate more people.

Social skills; Turn taking


Hedbanz – this is the newest version in Smyths and costs €16.99. There was a cheaper version based on animals too.

Oral language; children need to ask questions to try to find out what they have.

Vocabulary; children need to think of different categories and know the vocabulary related to each.

Social skills; turn taking


Oral language; children have to answer questions without using Yes or No. They need to use different phrases to continue playing.


Another great game;

Vocabulary; children need to use a range of vocabulary and descriptive language to describe different things – without using certain words.

Social skills; turn taking


This game is a cheaper version of Jenga. I plan on writing spellings and times tables on these and then playing with them. So they will double as a Maths/literacy activity as well as a game.


Another great game which would be perfect as an activity for a movement group.

Overall theres lots of games which would be great in the classroom/ resource room to develop problem solving, language and communication and social skills. (I took these pictures in Smyths while I was there earlier picking up a birthday present.)