A child taught me this card game which is really great fun and requires children to really concentrate. He didn’t have a name for it but I’m going to call it King, Queen, Jack, Ace.

The good thing about this game is that its all about luck and the luck can change very quickly.


The picture cards (King, Queen, Jack and Ace) all have a ‘value’;

Ace – 4 cards

King – 3 cards

Queen – 2 cards

Jack – 1 card

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To play;

The cards are divided equally among the players. (Any leftover cards are placed in the middle).


Decide on the direction of play (clockwise/ anticlockwise)

Players are not allowed to look at their cards.

The first player puts down a card.

If the card is not a picture card the next player puts down 1 card. This continues until a picture card is put down.


If an Ace is put down then the next player must put down 4 cards (1 by 1). (If one of those 4 cards is a picture card then they stop and it moves onto the next person. If one of the cards is not a picture card then the player who put down the Ace wins all the cards in the bundle.)


In this instance – the player who put down the Ace would win the bundle.

The winner is the person who has all the cards at the end.

Its a fun game to play, great for social skills (turn taking, winning and losing, following instructions, following the rules) and all you need is a pack of cards.