Surviving the Dip; Part 1

‘Have you got anything for September?’, ‘I got offered a job the other day.’ ‘That’s great, at least you’ll get your Dip started’. The Dip; two words that cause a sense of fear and confusion. Ever since day one of college people have been talking about this famous ‘Dip’. Still to this day its relevance […]

Assessment Folder

This blogpost was written last year as I was preparing for teaching 3rd class. I’m in the process of making my assessment folder. Every teacher needs an assessment folder for their class.

First Day Powerpoint

This is a powerpoint which I made and used on our first day last year. It was really useful as it covers all about the school, the teachers in our year group, some of the main procedures in the classroom, class rules, all about class dojo, important times during the day etc.   You can download […]

Restricted Dip

Many people worry about working in Resource before being fully qualified and usually more experienced teachers take up Resource posts, however this doesn’t mean that you can’t work as a resource teacher if you have just finished college. When I qualified in 2011, I worked as a resource teacher from January – June and it […]

Planning for NQT’s

  Planning is a vital part of being a teacher. Planning and Preparation is one of the criteria for successful completion of your NQT year therefore it is very important.

To ask for support is a sign of strength (NIPT)

Teaching is a fantastic job and very rewarding however, throughout our careers we sometimes experience stress and disillusionment.Many NQT’s feel unable to talk to their colleagues or principal about issues or problems they may have for fear of looking incapable of doing their job or they may be worried about job prospects for the following […]

Becoming a trained mentor for NQT’s

I completed my NQT year in 2012 and am well aware of the joys and stress of beginning life as an NQT. I was very lucky to have a NIPT trained mentor in my school who was a fantastic source of knowledge and always welcomed my questions and concerns with an open ear and an […]

Tackling the Dip/NQT Year

There’s no denying that this year is stressful and difficult. It will seem at times that they taught you nothing in college and that you’ll never get through the mounds of paperwork and corrections and planning and problems. But you will! Top tips Get a notebook. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Write down […]