Seachtain na Gaeilge

Seachtain na Gaeilge runs from 1st – 17th March 2017. It is an international festival to celebrate Irish language and culture.  Here are some ideas for integration across different subject areas;

Gaeilge; Going Back to Basics

Languages are difficult to learn for both children and adults alike. Gaeilge is a difficult language to teach and many parents don’t have much Irish themselves. As well as this, unfortunately, Irish is not a language that is used in everyday conversation by many people. For example, many parents don’t need to use Irish in work/ in […]

Gaeilge – short story

Following on from Briathra na Gaeilge and sentence structure, the children will now be able to write a basic short story. Last week, we wrote a short story together, we will write a further story and then the children will write their own.

Structure of an Irish Lesson

Hi everyone, Facebook just reminded me that this day 3 years ago (30th January 2013) I completed my dip! So I’ve had a few messages about how to structure different lessons. This post will be about how to structure an Irish lesson. Introduction; Cluiche I start most Irish lessons with a game.  This is mainly […]

Some ideas for Gaeilge lessons

I love Gaeilge and have a good standard of Irish but I find many children have a complete mental block when it comes to learning our language. This is a quick post about some strategies I use for interesting, enjoyable and fun Gaeilge lessons.

Eadaí (Some ideas)

  This week we started Eadaí in Gaeilge lessons. By the end of the week I’m hoping  that children will have learned the vocabulary for a variety of pieces of clothing as well as key phrases such as; Tá __________ ar ____________. Tá __________ uirthi. Tá __________ air. An bhfuil ___________ ort? Tá __________ orm. […]

Gaeilge – Briathra

This week we had a visit from a teacher working for the PDST for Gaeilge. Each class group had a meeting with her and it was great to get tips and ideas for teaching Gaeilge. I’ve been using some of the ideas she gave us this week and they have worked really well. This was […]

Béal Beo 3 – review

I love new books and trying out new resources. I’m very difficult to impress and usually have 4/5 books that I dip in and out of but this years Irish publications are really excellent.Béal Beo is a new Irish language programme from EDCO for 3rd – 6th class. The book is broken into each of […]