Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Word Problems

I’ve just finished this new resource looking at word problems involving fractions, decimals and percentages. I’m planning on using this resource in my classroom next week as a way for children to use their knowledge in real life word problems. These word problems focus on tourist attractions in some cities around the world including Rome, […]

Teaching Maths; My thoughts

Maths is definitely my favourite subject to teach – I love it! I’ve always been good at Maths and grasped new concept easily – I never experienced difficult until I got to secondary school in 5th year when we were going to be streamed into pass and honours maths classes. I wanted to do honours […]

Subbing Series; Some lesson ideas for Numeracy

I’ve decided to start a new series of blogposts for substitute teachers. When I first started teaching, I always hoped that there would be some sort of plan available if I was subbing in a new school/new class because it is very hard to think on your feet when there are so many other things […]

Maths: Area and Perimeter

I’ve decided to do a few blogposts on various areas of the Maths curriculum – sharing some ideas that I use in my classroom. I love teaching Maths, I try to make it as practical as possible – some concepts lend themselves to practical hands on tasks and lessons, while others need lots of drills […]

Number Facts (A review)

Last Monday, I attended the EDCO Primary Publications event in the Clayton Hotel. I attend at least one of these events each year as I like to hear about the new programmes/resources that are available to teachers and I love getting free things! One new publication that caught my eye was the Number Facts series […]

Tackling Long Division

When I found out I was going to have 5th class this year, I was delighted and I quickly thought of the Maths curriculum – I think there is a huge amount in the 5th class Maths curriculum and one of the most difficult areas to teach is long division. When I was on teaching […]

Table Boards from ABC School Supplies

I recently spotted these table boards from ABC School Supplies and thought they would be great to use for quick recall of multiples and tables. ABC School Supplies kindly sent me a set for my classroom and we’ve been using them a lot this week.

Maths Fear

Many children and adults alike have a fear of Maths – they experience great distress when they think about maths and solving number problems. This blogpost is to share some of the things I use to help children overcome this fear and enable them to achieve their full potential in ┬áMaths.

Daily stations

I was thinking of some new ideas that could be used in January and thought about stations. These would be fun, minimal prep activities that could be used daily/weekly that might give a focus to a certain time in the school day (first thing in the morning/after break/after lunch/just before hometime or just add something […]

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