End of year lists

And just like that it was June… I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. This is just a quick blogpost about a nice end of term activity that I do throughout the year but particularly when there is only 3/4 weeks left. Ask the children to write a list of all the things […]

Surviving the Dip; Part 2

Paperwork Having finally settled back into school after Christmas, its feels like I was never away! The same stories, antics and tales keep me on my toes. With one visit down I’m still waiting on the final one which means one thing… constant piles of paperwork and printing. Every time I seem to go near […]

Grandparents Day

This week is Catholics Schools Week and the theme for this year is ‘Care for Our Common Home’. You can find lots of information here. One special part of Catholic Schools Week is Grandparents Day so here are a few ideas based around Grandparents Day.

Valentines Ideas

Valentines Day is just around the corner so here are some ideas to use for a thematic day/week based around St. Valentine and love.

New Resource Timetable

I changed my timetable for the beginning of this term. I felt this was a good idea as I wanted to change social groups/movement groups and I also noticed that some children worked better in the morning while others benefitted more from support after lunch. My timetable from September – December gave all children 3/4 individual […]

Social Skills Group

While working as a resource teacher, I have found social groups are brilliant for children who need to develop appropriate social and behavioural skills. This year, myself and another resource teacher are working together to facilitate this social skills group with a number of the children we are working with. Social skills groups enable the […]

New Year Activities

So today is the last official day of the Christmas holidays. The thoughts of returning to school on Monday fill me with fear – while I love my job, I also love the holidays and alarm clocks, making lunches, commuting and working are not very appealing at the moment. So instead of planning/changing timetables I […]

Daily stations

I was thinking of some new ideas that could be used in January and thought about stations. These would be fun, minimal prep activities that could be used daily/weekly that might give a focus to a certain time in the school day (first thing in the morning/after break/after lunch/just before hometime or just add something […]

Thematic Teaching – Halloween

Just one week left before mid – term. I’m sitting here with a sore throat counting the days til we’re off. I’m exhausted – are you? Anyway – next week is a great chance to do lots of thematic teaching about Halloween so here are some ideas!

Free writing

Writing is a huge part of the curriculum. Some children love writing stories and others often don’t know where to start. There is so many different things to think of when a child sits down to write; Capital letters;  at the start of the sentence, for peoples names, for I, for place names Full stops, exclamation marks, questions […]

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