Mothers Day Ideas

Mothers Day is on the 11th March this year. It can be a difficult day for children and adults who have lost their mothers so its important to be aware of the home situations of the children in your class and maybe instead of the focus on ‘Mothers’ day they could choose a female person who plays […]

New Year Activities

So today is the last official day of the Christmas holidays. The thoughts of returning to school on Monday fill me with fear – while I love my job, I also love the holidays and alarm clocks, making lunches, commuting and working are not very appealing at the moment. So instead of planning/changing timetables I […]

Winter yard duty essentials

While I know winter started in November, we have been fairly lucky with the weather so far. School yards are often the coldest places in the world during the winter months!The weather has certainly felt colder this week so here are some tips for surviving winter yard duty!

Thematic Unit; Christmas

Have you given in to the madness yet or are you waiting until next week? Theres less than 2 weeks to the Christmas holidays so here are some ideas for embracing Christmas in different subject areas.

Christmas Plays

I have a ‘rule’ that Christmas cannot be spoken about until after my birthday which is the end of November. However, I’ve received countless emails and Facebook messages about Christmas plays and concerts from teachers so I’m writing this post to share some tips and ideas that have worked well for me!

Thematic Teaching – Halloween

Just one week left before mid – term. I’m sitting here with a sore throat counting the days til we’re off. I’m exhausted – are you? Anyway – next week is a great chance to do lots of thematic teaching about Halloween so here are some ideas!