Confessions of a TP Student; Part 1

The One Where You Probably Should Have Been Doing Work Over the Holidays. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” is the story we are told time after time, especially when it comes to school placement. Each time we hear it we promise ourselves that this time will be different and that surely a placement block starting in […]

A Guide to Teaching Practice; Observation Week

A Guide to Teaching Practice; Observation Week This is a great week to get to know the class procedures, friendship groups, classroom management techniques and the daily structure. It gives you the chance to see how the teacher questions, motivates and inspires the children, assesses learning, differentiates and includes all children.

A Guide to Teaching Practice; Meeting the Class Teacher

If possible, try to meet the class teacher before you meet the class/ your observation week. This will give you the chance to ask questions, see the classroom, learn about the children you will be working with. Try to schedule this brief meeting for outside teaching time so the teacher will have enough time to […]

A Guide to Teaching Practice; Planning

Once you have completed your observation week you now have a better idea of the children you will be working with, some of their interests and this should be central to your planning. If the children are interested they will be motivated to work hard and behave well.


  I was speaking to colleagues about teaching practice inspectors and it got me thinking … On my first teaching practice I had an elderly external examiner for my inspector and she was very strict and not really up to date with current best practice. I had 2nd class in a DEIS school. The inspector […]

Teaching Practice Box

Whether you are starting TP or know someone who is – a TP box is essential. Heres a quick post about what to include. Pens, pencils, rubber, sharpener, glue.Whiteboard markers – essential for writing on the board.Blu tack for all the wonderful displays.Push pins – much better than thumb tacks and easy to remove.Stars – […]

Tips for Observation before Teaching Practice

Observation gives you a fantastic opportunity to see the class at work. This is a great time for you to see how things run and get ideas for lesson planning and classroom management. Things to look for; Classroom routines – how do the children enter/exit the classroom? what happens at breaktime/lunchtime? how do children ask […]

Senior TP

I really enjoy teaching senior classes as they are more independent and you can do a lot with them. On teaching practice however they can be quite scary. I’ll always remember my observation day in 5th class on senior tp- I was terrified.. Being 5’1” most of the children were taller than me and had […]

Infant T.P.

Teaching infants is so much fun! The children will love you – someone new to play with. Some tips; Observation – Spend some time observing the class and the teacher. This will give you the chance to see how routines work and get an idea of the level the children are at – this will […]