Assessment Folder – Resource

This is a quick overview of my assessment folder for working as a resource teacher. I bought the assessment folder in Mr. Price for 2.99. Each child has their own section; I just added a label where the childs name and class teacher will be written. There are then 5 different tabs; Literacy Numeracy Targets […]

Literacy Weekly Overview

  I have had a number of messages from people looking for advice on how to fit everything in Literacy. There are 5 hours allocated to Literacy so roughly 1 hour per day. The strands are; Oral Language Reading Writing

Week 1 with 3rd Class

I wrote this blogpost last year after my first week with 3rd class. I survived – woohoo! Week 1 complete – oh my goodness I’m exhausted! So what did we do/learn this week? I spent the week getting to know the children – we spent a lot of time learning classroom procedures, laying out our […]

Setting up a Resource Room

To be honest, I haven’t been into school since the start of the summer so I have don’t have my room set up yet. As I mentioned before, I’ll be sharing a room this year so we’ll have to do most of the set up together.

Fine Motor Skills; Some activities using inexpensive materials

One of the challenges of working as a resource teacher is sourcing resources suitable to the needs of the children you’re working with. Most resource teachers will have 6-8 children in their care, all of whom might have very different needs and need different equipment. When I worked as a resource teacher two years ago […]

Sponsored Content/ Ad’s

I follow lots of different bloggers from beauty and fashion to fitness and food. Some bloggers have been able to make blogging a full time career. Ciara O’Doherty shares a great post explaining how bloggers earn money which you can watch here.

TK Maxx; School Supplies

I went to the Carrickmines Retail Park today to go to Heatons and decided to have a look in TK Maxx while I was there. Thankfully, I managed to leave without buying anything but they had so many brilliant offers for school supplies.

Stationery; Why I invest…

I love stationery and struggle to get through stationery shops without picking up something. I spend way too much money on stationery and notebooks and probably have 1 (or 10) of everything at this stage.