The Last Term

I can’t believe there are only 10 weeks left in this school year! These weeks are usually jam packed with standardised tests, school tours, graduations, school plays and other end of term activities!

Taking a break

I’m writing this while sitting on a plane that we’ve just been told will be delayed for an hour and a half but it’s been a post I’ve been thinking about writing for a while. Yesterday we got our Easter holidays and for me they couldn’t have come any sooner. The last term was long, […]

Top 5; Teachers from Around the World to follow on Instagram

I’ve recently started posting regular photos to my Instagram page and love getting ideas from teachers around the world. I shared some of my favourite Irish teachers to follow on Instagram which you can read about here. There are so many different teachers from around the world posting pictures of their classrooms, resources, activities, ideas […]

INTO Presidential Election 2017

For the first time in many years there will be an election for the position of INTO President. Two teachers have put themselves forward for the role – John Boyle and Gregor Kerr. Both candidates have vast experience in teaching and also in the INTO. This blogpost is not to promote either candidate but to […]

Top 5: Irish Teachers to Follow on Instagram

I’ve recently started posting regular photos to my Instagram page and love getting ideas from teachers around the world. Over the last few months, there has been a growing number of Irish Primary Teachers sharing photos of their classrooms, displays, ideas and resources on Instagram so here are some of my favourites.

Loop Cards

I created loop cards for Maths and Geography last year and they were a great success in the whole class setting. Here are some ideas for using the loop cards in your classroom.

Number Books from Easy Learn – A review

Number books from Easy Learn is a series of books covering the strand of number. There are 7 books in the series. Number Book 1 Number Book 1; counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to 10 This book covers; Reading and writing numbers 1 to 5 Counting objects 1 to 5 Number order 1 to […]

Music Mondays 4

This weeks Music Mondays focuses on the cello. This piece is probably one of the most famous pieces for solo cello and here it is played by Yo Yo Ma. The Cello Different parts of the instrument (See DK Find Out here or Making Music Fun here.) The String Family Listening and responding activities Draw a […]

Flat Rate Expenses

Quick step by step tutorial on how to add the ‘Flat Rate Expenses’ tax credit to your revenue account. Go to Revenue website (Link here) Click on ‘My Account Sign In’ or ‘Register for MyAccount’ under the ‘MyAccount heading’ Log in or Register Now Click on PAYE Anytime Click on any of the previous years (2016, […]

After School Activities/Clubs

A follower was looking for some ideas for after school activities/ clubs that they could set up in their school, so here are a few ideas; if you have any more comment below and I’ll add them to the list. Arts Education Art club/craft club – the children can do arts/crafts after school- they could […]

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