New Wave – Pre Writing Patterns

Another 2 fantastic resources from Prim Ed Publishing. The book and write on posters prepare children for letter formation. The posters – There is a collection of 12 A3 sized laminated posters that you can write on and wipe off using whiteboard markers. They would be perfect in a writing station in Junior/Senior Infants or […]

A Day in the Life of a Special Class Teacher

I teach pupils with autism aged 13. Each school day begins the same. Visual timetables and schedules are prepared the evening before to ensure that there is a structure and that the students are informed with the layout for the day.   All the students arrive on buses. When they arrive in class, social skills […]

St. Patricks Day Activities

Today is the 1st of March – only 2 weeks to St. Patrick’s Day! This is a quick blogpost with ideas for activities in the lead up to it. 1. Leprechauns (Suitable for all ages – can be adapted depending on your class)Create your own leprechaun (art – drawing and english – writing) Draw him/her […]

Times tables powerpoint

Times tables are so important for children to learn by heart. They help children to solve multiplication and division problems quickly. When children know their times tables well, they can solve word problems quickly. ¬†All children should be able to count in multiples of a given number and answer any tables questions by 5th/6th class. […]

A day in the life

Someone asked me yesterday how I manage to fit everything in. Heres a quick overview of my day: I usually get up at 6.15am and leave the house by 7/7.05am. I get to work by 8.10 at the latest and spend the next while organising myself for the day. At 8.35/8.40 I go and get […]

How to get through the Dip/NQT Year

Congratulations on your new post! It’s so exciting to have your own class and you will have lots of fun. It’s two days now before the start of term so I’m guessing the nerves have set in! First things first, breathe – you’ve trained for this! You can do it!! Some tips for the next […]

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