Catholic Schools Week

I can’t believe January is nearly over. I’m looking forward to brighter mornings and longer evenings. This week is Catholic Schools Week so here are a few ideas to tie in with this years theme ‘Called to be a Family of Families’. There are lots of ideas and resources available from the Catholic Schools website.

Our Family at Home

  • Family Tree
  • Our family traditions
  • Family fact file
  • How do we show love to our families?
  • Project about my family
  • Traditions in my family
  • Acrostic poem – family

Our School Family

  • People who work in our school
  • Where do the children in our school and their families come from?
  • How has our school changed over the years?
  • Motto for our school family.
  • Cute poem: here

Our Parish Family

  • What are the main annual events in our parish?
  • What schools are in our parish?
  • The people who work in our parish
  • Timeline of our parish
  • Famous people from our parish
  • Interview people from the parish
  • Learn about the meaning behind the logo of the parish

Our World Family

  • Links with schools in the local area/ in the county/ around the country/ around the world
  • Choose a country and learn about the lives of people in other parts of the world

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