Certificates – Promoting Positive Behaviour and Creating a Home-School Link

The joy and pride on a child’s face when they earn a certificate for excellent behaviour is wonderful to see. I can still remember earning a ‘Merit Certificate’ for excellent work when I was at school and Mam hanging it up on the fridge and any visitors remarking and giving me lots of praise. There is a huge push on promoting positive behaviour and focussing on the positive – ‘Catch me being good’ and certificates are a perfect way to do this!

This morning, I received a fantastic pack from Mol an Oige and was delighted that there were 4 different types of certificates available both in English and as Gaeilge. Personally, I love the ‘A note from my teacher’ cert as it is really personal to the child (although I would like a space to write why I am giving the child this little note). Available here for only 99c for 30 notes or here for 3.25 for 60 sheets and a space to write why the child is getting the note! It is a very simple idea and nice for the child who has done something really nice or has conquered subtraction. It doesn’t have to be the ‘Star Student’ or ‘Student of the Week’. Parents are delighted and proud and a positive home school link is also created.

The other certificates include;
Dalta Iontach (which doubles as a little card.)
A ‘Working Well’ Award – which leaves space to write why the child is achieving the certificate
Sos ón obair bhaile!

Some Places to purchase certificates/download

  • There are lots available Here to download for free. (But you’ll need a coloured printer/print on coloured card!)
  • Certificate Street (free)
  • Sparklebox
  • Twinkl (free) or Twinkl (paid)
  • Superstickers also have a range of certificates (they also have a sale on at the moment)
  • Often Mr. Price have certificates too. 

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