Christmas Holidays

Its been over 2 weeks since I wrote a blog post – probably the longest time ever but things were hectic before school finished and since then I’ve been at home in Waterford – catching up with friends and family. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the break! Its great that we still have lots of time left! I suppose I’m writing this blogpost to share my plans for over the holidays.

Catching up

I always love the Christmas holidays as everyone is off for a couple of days so theres lots of time for catching up and meeting people that I haven’t seen for a while. I also usually spend most of the time off at home in Waterford. Its probably the only time of the year when I’m here for over a week so its a great chance to spend time with family too!


The run up to Christmas is always manic so its great to have time to just sit down in front of the fire and watch tv as well as strolls on the beach and pottering around the shops! (I also picked up some nice bits in the sales!)


I don’t know about you but I’ve certainly enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) all the food! My mam tends to buy one of every box of chocolates so I’ve enjoyed sampling them! I also won a Lindt chocolate biscuit cake in school – which was so delicious and I made a Baileys Cheesecake which was also fab!


A lot of teachers will do a little bit over the holidays either catching up on things they didn’t get covered in the last term or making a head start on the next term. Personally, I’ll do a couple of hours next week! I think its important to have balance but I also think its ok to do a little bit of planning over the break!

I hope everyone is enjoying the time off.


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