We’ll be watching a few Christmas movies during the last week before the Christmas holidays. I have 6th class and we’ll be watching Angela’s Christmas and Angela’s Christmas wish and linking these in with our Literacy and History lessons. On the Monday before we finish, we’ll have a vote about which other Christmas movie to watch and enjoy it as a class together.

I asked teachers and the children in my class to share their favourite Christmas movies to show in class so these will be listed below. Please watch the movie before you show it to your class to make sure it is suitable. (What might be suitable for one class may not be suitable for another. There may be sensitive topics dealt with in the movie that may upset children in your class so it’s always important to be mindful of that before you show the movie. For example Christmas Chronicles is a brilliant movie and I think my class this year will really enjoy it, however it wouldn’t have been a good option for my class a few years ago.) It’s also really important to be mindful of the age rating and what’s allowed in your school may be different to other schools so double check with your colleague or your principal if you’re not sure.

Available on Disney Plus

I just purchased Disney Plus myself this morning. It’s 6.99 per month so it’ll be great for over Christmas both in school and at home!

Available on Netflix

Other options

These movies were also recommended. I don’t think they’re currently available on Netflix or Disney Plus, however they are available to rent from YouTube for 3/4 euro.