CID – What does it mean?

CID is a Contract of Indefinite Duration.

To qualify for a CID you must have;

  • Correct qualification
  • Teaching council registration
  • Continuous employment (on a fixed term/temporary contract covering career break, secondment, resource hours/increase in numbers) in the SAME school in EXCESS of two years.

How to apply

Fill in the form CID for the first time and sent to the DES.

What does it mean?

A teacher employed on a contract of indefinite duration holds an employment status that is equal to that of a permanent teacher. 

If there are no jobs in the teachers school (when they have a CID) then they have access to the main panel. A teacher with CID can cover temporary/fixed term contracts until a permanent contract arises.

Circular from Department of Education

14 thoughts on “CID – What does it mean?

  1. Are you entitled to a CID if you are working in a school for two and a half years continuously – first six months on maternity leave and second two years covering the same job share – two teachers in the school are job sharing – 2016/2017 will be the second year of job share cover.
    Thanks Eileen Chambers

    1. Hi Eileen,
      The first six months don’t count as you have to be covering temporary contracts. As far as I know you must be covering a teacher on career break/secondment or if there was an extra position due to numbers/resource hours in the school. You must have two full years and a contract for the third year before CID will be granted. Niamh

  2. What happens if you become permanent and then your school loses a permanent position the following year….Can you decide to go back to being CID in Your Own school or do you have to be redeployed to another school? Thanks.

    1. You might have the option to take a temporary position in your school for next year (if one is available) until a permanent position becomes available again which you would get. Best thing is to contact the INTO for advice. Niamh

  3. Hi there,
    I have been working in the same school on a temporary contract for the past two school years (2015/16 and 2016/17). Three jobs have become available for September 2017-two permanent contracts and one temporary contract (job share contract). Because there are two people in my school with supplementary panel rights my principal is hoping he can take them for the permanent posts, leaving me with the job share contract (which would mean I would lose my years towards CID). My question is, because I have two years done which count towards CID, can my principal offer me one of the permanent contracts, hence securing me CID, ahead of the teachers with supplementary panel rights?
    Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi there,
      As far as I’m aware – all permanent jobs go to the main panel first – if this clears then these positions can be offered to teachers on the supplementary panel. Unless you have been granted CID; those with supplementary panel rights can be offered positions first.

  4. Re primary teaching and CID, does the third successive year of a fixed term contract have to be advertised and recruitment procedure take place?

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