Whether you’re on teaching practice, doing your DIP  or a fully qualified teacher, Class Dojo is for you.

This free, online behaviour management system is easy to use and works a treat. Children can be awarded points for a variety of different things like working hard, persistence, being helpful etc.
Points can also be taken away for disrespect, no homework etc.

I have used Class Dojo with children from 1st to 6th and they love it. I also set up a Dojo shop where children can trade in their points for something.

Some examples;
1 piece of written homework
Sit beside a friend
Choose where to sit
Choose a job
Change your Dojo Monster
Choose a prize

Parents can also keep up to date with their childs behaviour in class and weekly reports can be seen.


Class Dojo can be displayed on the interactive whiteboard, you can also get an app for your phone or tablet and use it as you walk around the room.
You can also turn off the board but leave the sound on and the noise makes any children off task get straight back to work.
I can’t recommend it highly enough!
Hope you like it too!