Classroom Management is so important in every classroom. Good classroom management ensures smooth transitions between activities and prevents chaos and headaches for all.


Top tips;

Be consistent

  • If there is a rule then that rule should apply to all children equally. (Yes sometimes you need to make slight adjustments/allowances)

Be fair and reasonable

  • You will lose all respect if you are a dictator – the children will not listen to anything you say.
  • Be calm when a child/ group misbehaves
  • A fantastic activity for the start of the school year is to brainstorm what makes a good teacher and a good student. This gives the children the opportunity to think about what they need to do and what you need to do for a positive relationship to work.

Be disappointed not angry

If a child/children misbehave – let them know how they have let you down and how you had expected more from them. (Shouting and losing your cool won’t help anyone)

Be positive

Throughout our careers we will have classes that will really test our patience. Try to remain calm and positive as this shows the children that you care and they will respond to this.

Be private

If there is an issue with a child/group of children – speak to them about it in private – don’t embarrass them in front of their peers as they will not respond well and the behaviour could get worse!

Rewards Systems;

Golden Time

This can work really well but does need some organisation. Allocate 20-25 mins on a Friday for Golden Time. Children begin the week on 15 minutes and must work hard to gain the extra time during the week. Children who receive 2 warnings can also lose 5 minutes/10 minutes. (This can be earned back during the week). The children who have lost part of their time must sit silently until they are allowed to join in.

Class Dojo

This is my favourite method of class rewards. Each child has a monster. Points are added or taken away depending on behaviour. When a child reaches a certain number of points (I usually use multiples of 10) they are given a reward; sit with a friend, choose the library book, pick your seat, sit on a comfy seat for 1 day, pick a job, be line leader etc.  Class Dojo is also completely free of charge and there are many opportunities to create a home – school link too.

Marbles in a jar

This is perfect for getting the class to work together. Use a large jar and mark it off at even intervals – when the class reach an interval they get a reward e.g.

  • Extra P.E. session
  • Night off homework
  • Make rice-krispie buns
  • Extra 10 minutes of Golden Time

Ice cream Reward

Children are given points – when they reach 10 points – they can buy a bowl, 20 points a spoon, 30 points 1 scoop of ice cream, 40 points sprinkles, 50 points chocolate syrup etc.

Notes home

Older children also love a positive message home – whether thats in the form of a note/phone call/ email. Parents also love to hear a positive message from school.