Classroom Management – Ice Cream Challenge

There are only 5 weeks of school left this year. At this stage in the year, the weather is usually nice, there’s lots of exciting activities taking place from school tours and plays to rounders on the green for P.E. and at times children begin to lose their focus. Last year, we had an ‘Ice Cream Challenge’ for the last few weeks of the year. I had used Class Dojo all year for behaviour management so we reset the bubbles and the children had to earn points towards this challenge.

  • 10 points – bowl
  • 20 points – bowl and spoon
  • 30 points – bowl, spoon and 1 scoop of ice cream
  • 40 points – bowl, spoon, ice cream and sprinkles
  • 50 points – bowl, spoon, ice cream, sprinkles and chocolate sauce/syrup
  • 60 points – bowl, spoon, ice cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce/syrup, and chocolates/jellies

During the last week we had our ‘Ice Cream Challenge Day’ – each child got a bowl, spoon and ice-cream and then they could choose which toppings to have. (In the end; all the children got everything they wanted)

Here’s our toppings!

It was a lovely treat for the end of the school year but also a great way to keep calm and focussed for the last few weeks!

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