My Facebook feed is full of images of classrooms around the world, decorated beautifully with perfect colour schemes and different themes. I popped into school during the first week of the holidays as I needed to clear some of the tables where I had dumped my stuff when moving rooms and that was all I did – so there is a lot to do before we go back.

Here are some of my favourite classroom themes and colour schemes!

Harry Potter







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When I taught in England, we did one theme for 6-8 weeks. This meant our whole classroom revolved around the theme – one term I had a dinosaur cave, another a pirates ship, then a castle and a doctors surgery!

Over the last few years, I usually have my classroom set up before we go back to school – I have things on the walls and displays ready to go. This year, I’ve decided to start with a ‘blank canvas’ – I will have new backing paper and borders and maybe even headings/subject names but other than that I think I will leave things fairly empty. Why? I’m not starting the year with any particular theme and I haven’t fully decided what displays I would like at the beginning of the year – sometimes I find that the children use the display more when they see it being made or are part of the process of creating a display. I will be using a ‘Working Wall’ for Maths and maybe Literacy, I’m also hoping to use a full display board for ‘Wow’ work! But all will be shared – once the are ready!