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I was recently sent this Communication Diary from This diary is designed to allow schools and parents to communicate on a daily basis – usually a diary like this would be used with children with additional educational needs so that the school can communicate how the day went and the parents can share how things are at home.

The first page has a timetable, where the child/teacher/SNA can write down the key events of each day e.g. P.E. on Wednesday, resource/learning support times, outline of the day, what happens after school etc.


The next pages are ‘All About Me’ where the child/SNA/Teacher/parent can write about the child.

Next is the communication profile – this is a fantastic section as it shows how the child communicates. The parents/teacher/SNA/child can write in this section and this would be an invaluable resource if the SNA/Teacher is absent or for a handover at the beginning of a new school year.

Next, there is a section to keep a list of the multi-disciplinary team – this is a very handy page to include as you can easily find the name and number of the person you may be looking for.

There is a section where the parents can keep a list of appointments for the year – this is great for the teacher/SNA as they know when the child may not be in school and this can help with timetables/organising class trips/events.

There is also a section on the seating/mobility needs of the child, the equipment they may require and any dietary/assisted feeding requirements – an invaluable page of information for teachers or SNA’s who are not familiar with the child’s needs/ who haven’t worked with the child before.

This is the main section of the diary. There is a place to write about the school day and news from home.

There is a page to summarise the main targets of the IEP.

There is a section for absences.

There is a year planner so the key events of the year can be written in.

‘My School Year Album’ is a great section at the back of the book where pictures/drawings/notes can be written to remember each month!


There are two pages of useful websites, glossary of terms and useful apps!


There are also 2 motivational/inspiring pages which are a lovely addition to the diary!

Overall, I think the diary is really useful for home school communication, it allows parents and schools to communicate to best support the child and keep track of targets, appointments, absences etc. To find out more visit 4schools here.

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