I’ve received a lot of messages from teachers asking about CPD courses and my recommendations. I think people have responded to school closures in lots of different ways and for some teachers they want to use some of the time they have now to learn about and up-skill in different areas. This blogpost is not to put pressure on anyone or to give the message that everyone should be doing CPD courses but if you are looking for something to add to your CV or just to learn more about something then here’s the list. It’s really important to note that the courses listed below will not count towards EPV (course) days.

(These are not ads – however I did complete some of the courses listed below for free last summer and then shared information on them at the time)

Free courses


Paid courses


I completed the Assessment for Learning Course last summer (#ad)  and took part in the AFL 10 Day Challenge with Rahoo this year. I found the course really excellent, practical and easy to implement in the classroom.


Scared Kids – Helping Children to Cope with Anxiety  

I’m currently completing the Scared Kids course which is very interesting, I have also completed the other courses last summer and the summer before and highly recommend them (#gifted). My favourite would be the Calm Bootcamp.

Lorraine Lynch Consulting

I just finished the Managing Dyspraxia in the Classroom – lots of really useful solutions for how to best support children with dyspraxia in your class. (#gifted)

You can get 50% off all online CPD courses from Lorraine Lynch until we’re back to school.

Michelle Stowe – Restorative Practice

My school has completed two sessions with Michelle over the past 2 years and have been using restorative practice in our school since then. I’m currently completing the online course (#gifted) and I’ll share more about it when I’ve finished it. But I can highly recommend Michelle and the restorative practice approach too.

CPD College

There are a huge range of courses available on the CPD College website. I completed the Tin Whistle course a few years ago and would highly recommend it.



I’ve done 2/3 courses with ranganna over the last few years (#gifted) and would definitely recommend them if you’d like some new ideas/vocabulary and phrases for teaching Gaeilge.