I have now completed 5 summer courses with Anokha Learning and I can honestly say they are brilliant! Last summer I completed ‘Emotional and Mental Health Fitness for Well-Being in the Classroom‘ and ‘Bullying Prevention; cultivating friendship and inclusion in school’ and I used lesson ideas and resources from both courses throughout the year. This year, I have just completed ‘Calm Bootcamp’, ‘Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Prevention’ , and ‘Eatwise for a happy, healthy classroom and school’ all of which I found really good. *

Calm Bootcamp was my favourite course this year as it gave me tons of ideas to use in the classroom based around mindfulness, mindful movement, mindful walking, body awareness, kindfulness, and general well being. The course offered practical advice, excellent lesson ideas and I’m looking forward to implementing these in my classroom next year.

Eatwise was another interesting course, there was lots of brilliant facts and information about healthy eating and the importance of feeding our bodies with good food. I agree that the food we eat has a positive/negative impact on our well being, our health, our mood and our concentration levels and I think its important to educate children on the importance of eating well. This course offered lots of practical tips and ideas for introducing and teaching about healthy eating in the classroom as well as providing key information about the best foods to eat.

Finally, I completed the Internet Safety course, I wanted to complete a course on internet safety and cyberbullying because the children in my class spend a lot of time online and I heard about a number of incidents this year that I wanted to be better prepared for next year. Children are online more and more with social media, Xbox/Playstation, tablets and phones – I think we as teachers play a key role in ensuring children are well informed of the merits and also the dangers that may exist online. This courses provides key information and advice to help support children when learning about internet safety.

Anokha Learning Courses – What I like…

  • Downloadable ebooks for each module – this is a pdf document which is basically a powerpoint with key points of information and useful lesson ideas. If you prefer, you can watch a video presentation (the powerpoint with a voiceover) with this information by the tutor.
  • There is a downloadable document with additional  reading materials and resources for each module.
  • There is a requirement to answer a question based on the module and respond to another participant – this gives you a chance to ask questions, share your experience and learn from others too.
  • Course content is enjoyable and relevant – it focusses on children’s wellbeing and how best to support children in your classroom.
  • There is also a free module on Restorative Practice available with each course!

These courses are available as summer courses or as CPD during the year. For more information visit Anokha Learning.

*I completed these courses free of charge with Anokha Learning in exchange for a review. As always, these reviews are 100% my honest opinion!*