We are nearly finished our ‘Crazy Hair Art’ which we’ve been working on since we came back from the Easter Holidays. This was a fun, creative project which the children really enjoyed and which turned out very well. This is a quick blog post on the lesson.

crazy hair 1


First we talked about face shapes – circle, oval, heart, square etc. We made a list on the board of the different shapes. Next we talked about hair and the different types of hair – wavy, curly, straight, thin, thick, bushy etc. Finally we talked about hair colours – black, brown, blonde, red etc and we talked about other different colours some people use  in their hair.

face shapes


I drew a face on the board and different children added the hair – using different lines/shapes/ patterns. Then we coloured it in. Afterwards we talked about the best shapes to use and why? We also talked about the position of the face – where would work best? Some children chose to do their face in the middle, others chose the left hand side etc. Then we talked about the neck and shoulders – some children decided to include the whole body, others just added the neck or the neck and shoulders.

Then the children got to work – they used pencils to draw the face and hair, then marker to make it stand out and finally decided to paint/ use oil pastels to colour their work.


The children looked at each others work and discussed what they liked.