Tutorial video
I love the Cup Song and have used it ever since it first came out in the movie Pitch Perfect. It’s fantastic for many different musical concepts.

I use these cups from IKEA.

The above video shows you how to do the cup song. I teach the following sequence;

  1. Clap Clap
  2. Tap Tap Tap (on table or on top of cup)
  3. Clap Lift Down
  4. Clap Twist Tap (on palm) Tip (on table)
  5. Change, Hand, cup

Once the children know the sequence you can then move onto different things;

Start with conducting – coming in at the right time

  • Group 1 starts and plays it twice
  • Group 2 joins in
  • Group 3 joins in after 4 sequences
  • Play together 4 times
  • Group 1 stops
  • Group 2 stops after 2 more
  • Group 3 stops
This can also be done with each child; moving around the class (Make sure children are very confident so they can join in easily!)
Next move onto tempo – can we do it quickly, slowly.

Dynamics – loud and soft

Senior classes; can sing the song too.

This lesson can then form the basis for composition lesson where children can use the cups to make a rhythm to go with a song of their choice.

The cup song is also fantastic for children with poor hand eye co-ordination.