Dancin’ Time (A review)

I was recently sent ‘Dancin’ Time’ an Irish and folk dance resource pack for primary teachers. The resource is available directly here.

What’s included in the pack

  • There is a DVD of the dances (Infants – Sixth Class).
  • 4 CD’s (Infants, First and Second, Third and Fourth and two for Fifth and Sixth)
  • Booklet with written instructions


The DVD contains videos of each of the dances, along with step by step instructions for each dance. I really like that the dances are performed by children and not professional dancers. This makes it relatable for the pupils who will be learning these dances.

The videos would be great for the teacher to familiarise themselves with each dance before teaching it to the class. It would also be an idea to share the video with the children before they go to the hall for P.E.


There are 4 CD’S with dances for each class level. There are 3 tracks for each dance; instruction, calling and music. The instruction tracks offer clear steps to complete the dance. It is broken into small sections so the children can pick up the steps. There is a step by step explanation, followed by a practice with music. The calling track has the music with a talk over for each step and counting the children in. This is fantastic as the class teacher can support one group while everyone else continues with the track. Finally there is a track with music so the children can complete the steps independently.

I really like the CD’s as they offer clear step by step instructions and give the class teacher the chance to work with children who may be struggling to keep up while continuing the lesson for those who can manage.


There is also a useful booklet available that gives an overview of each dance including where the dance came from, the rhythm, which steps need to be practiced, the formation and it breaks the dance into a number of figures which can be practiced individually before putting the dance together.

How to purchase

The pack is available from Dancin’ Time here. Or you can download individual dances here.


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