Today was our first day back, we had no children just whole staff meeting, hand overs with previous teachers, organising resources, year group meetings, sorting books/copies and art supplies, finishing classroom organisation/decoration etc.

I’m writing this blogpost to share how I’m feeling after today – overwhelmed and exhausted. I suppose I thought it might help someone else who started back today to know that they aren’t alone! I was just talking to a few teacher friends and they too are feeling the same. I think it’s a combination of being off for the summer and the shock to the system of alarms and having to be somewhere at a specific time and the never ending to do list!

I think by the end of next week we should be back in the swing of things and everything will be settled but right now it can be a little overwhelming and scary to meet lots of new faces tomorrow and to have everything ready so the day goes smoothly. (Even though I must admit I’m excited too!)

Fingers crossed everything goes well! Best of luck, Niamh