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I headed to the Square in Tallaght yesterday as I wanted to go to Debenhams. I had to go to Dealz while I was there. The shop was packed – there was barely enough space to walk around as everyone was grabbing bargains. The ‘Back to School’ aisle was manic with people picking up everything they could fit in their baskets! I tried to take pictures of my favourite bits and pieces which you might use in your classroom next year.


Academic planners and diaries (all €1.50)

thumb_IMG_2897_1024 thumb_IMG_2902_1024 thumb_IMG_2899_1024

Desk calendar – with quotes


Classroom Organisation (Folders, Box files, document wallets, magazine files and letter trays)

I bought the document wallets, magazine files and letter trays last year! The document wallets are really good quality and perfect for loop card games/ flashcards etc. The magazine files are brilliant – they fit at least 8 books, are very sturdy and the colours brighten up your storage/organisation. The letter trays are also great – they stack on top of one another too which is very handy.

thumb_IMG_2913_1024 thumb_IMG_2914_1024 thumb_IMG_2917_1024 thumb_IMG_2958_1024 thumb_IMG_2920_1024 thumb_IMG_2918_1024

Mindfulness Colouring Books

These are brilliant and a bargain at only €1.50. I usually use these at the beginning of the day as a relaxing activity or after lunch after a busy morning. The children love them!

thumb_IMG_2941_1024 thumb_IMG_2942_1024 thumb_IMG_2943_1024 thumb_IMG_2944_1024 thumb_IMG_2945_1024 thumb_IMG_2946_1024

Stationery and art supplies

Lots of pens, pencils, markers, colouring pencils, crayons etc. (Dealz brand – BIC, Sharpie also available). Wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, foam shapes, glitter – great for art press!

thumb_IMG_2896_1024 thumb_IMG_2921_1024 thumb_IMG_2959_1024 thumb_IMG_2955_1024 thumb_IMG_2956_1024 thumb_IMG_2957_1024thumb_IMG_2937_1024 thumb_IMG_2928_1024 thumb_IMG_2939_1024 thumb_IMG_2930_1024 thumb_IMG_2931_1024 thumb_IMG_2932_1024thumb_IMG_2926_1024 thumb_IMG_2925_1024 thumb_IMG_2924_1024


Lollipop Sticks

These can be used in so many ways in the classroom; for maths (counting, sorting colours, groups of 10 etc.) when choosing a child to do something (I always use the same colour for each child), art (construction).



15 pieces of different colours – perfect for drawing outside.

thumb_IMG_2900_1024 thumb_IMG_2901_1024


These are handy for organising small resources – dice/cards/loop cards etc.)

thumb_IMG_2904_1024 thumb_IMG_2905_1024

Animal masks

Handy for Aistear topics/ school plays/ display (when learning about animals around the world/ in a certain area etc.)

thumb_IMG_2907_1024 thumb_IMG_2908_1024


thumb_IMG_2911_1024 thumb_IMG_2909_1024 thumb_IMG_2910_1024

Foam face stickers

These are great when learning about emotions (SPHE lessons) or in the resource room.


These are great for displays! Write the key information on them.


Lots of copies and hardback notebooks – great value!


Overall, a trip to Dealz is a must before going back to school! Check out their site here.

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