We’ve been back 4 weeks at this stage and I’ve spent a lot of the last four weeks getting to know the children I’ll be working with this year. I’ve read their reports, met their parents, met other professionals (speech and language therapists) observed them in class, spoken to their class teachers, and of course worked with the child themselves both individually and as part of a group. At this stage, I feel I have a good idea of where each child is at and what areas they need the most support in. Over the next week or so, I plan to write up their IEP’s.


Here are my top tips for designing a programme of work/IEP for each child.


Talk to the child, his/her parents, class teacher and find out what the child really likes doing, the things they are good at. (This can be a great starting point to inspire and motivate the child and support them with different targets).

Talent pinned on noticeboard


What does the child need? These targets can come from many different sources including;

  • the child
  • the parents
  • the class teacher
  • the psychological reports
  • the curriculum



I think the thing that I find most difficult working as a resource teacher is finding resources to suit the needs of each child. There are so many resources available covering a range of topics but what works for one child might not work for another. This is the main reason I only buy resources that will suit a lot of children or I try to use resources that are already available in the school.

For Maths; cubes/counters, dice, cards, whiteboard, magnetic numbers, HTU Board (laminated sheet), digit cards, textbooks – class level (and class level below/above as appropriate).

For Literacy; a collection of fiction and non fiction books, a set reading scheme (e.g. Oxford Reading Tree), different pictures (I collected lots of interested pictures from magazines/newspapers and laminated them – brilliant as writing inspiration or for oral language), flashcards.

For Social Skills; playing cards, board games

resources-2                            resources

Lots of useful links for online material here.