Developing Cutting Skills from Prim Ed Publishing

These two books from Prim Ed Publishing are fantastic for developing cutting skills with children in junior classes and also for children who need support with their cutting in senior classes. They are perfect for resource settings!

The books are extremely well laid out with a teachers section at the beginning – explaining the different ‘developmental norms’ for children learning to cut. There are a number of pages which give ideas on how you can support children to learn to cut at each of the stages.

The rest of the book has fantastic templates which are photocopiable. It starts with snipping the lines, then creates pictures using this skill – cut the farmers rake, the lion mane, the wheels on the tractor.
Next it moves onto ‘Cutting to a target’ and again there is a wide range of photocopiable material to support children with this skill.

The second book (Stage 4) – children cut wavy and zig zag lines, cut out the picture (cutting out different shapes with the picture inside) and there is a lovely section where children colour in the picture and then cut it out along the lines and then have to piece it back together like a jigsaw. The children can also cut out a variety of different masks and pictures.

There are two of each page – one for children who are left-handed and the second for children who are right handed. Therefore, all children are catered for.

Overall, these books are a very comprehensive resource. The activities are enjoyable and children will find them very interesting.
They are available directly from Prim Ed;

Developing Cutting Skills Stage 4 Cost 24.95

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