Dip Diary 1 – Experience of recent NQT’s

I’ve been receiving lots of messages from newly qualified teachers about completing the Dip/ Droichead process. I asked my followers to contribute to some guest blogposts on their personal experience of the dip/droichead process and to offer any advice to NQT’s. I was overwhelmed by the amount of teachers who agreed to answer a list of questions and I hope their experience will help with your NQT journey!

What course did you complete? When did you qualify?

Masters in primary education with Hibernia. I qualified in 2017.

How did you find the job search?

Tough, I applied for at least 40 jobs around Ireland and I got 1 interview .

Any advice for teachers currently job hunting?

Keep applying something will come up and if not don’t panic, sub and get experience.

What role did you have? (If mainstream – what class?)

Learning support/resource (EAL) teacher in a school from August to Dec. Senior infant class teacher from Jan-June.

Did you complete the traditional dip with an inspector or the Droichead process?


How did you find the process?

Excellent. I had a really good experience with the PST team. They were supportive, approachable, fair, helpful and friendly.

Did you have a mentor or a go-to person to support you in school?

Yes I had a mentor. 3 of us were doing the Droichead process each of us were assigned one person from the pst team which worked well as we knew who to talk to.

What was the most difficult part?

Giving each subject adequate time was challenging.

How many hours did you do preparing/planning etc.?

Per week: 3-4 hours

How did you find the weekly planning? Any tips for nqts?

I found them very useful as I had a clear focus for each subject. Do your weekly plans during the week for the following week and have at least one day off at the weekend. I completed 4 weekly plans in a Monday evening, 4 on Tuesday and 3 on a Wednesday.

What resources/websites/blogs etc. did you find most helpful?

What advice would you give to a NQT?

Be organised, be prepared, ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Enjoy your year. Ask for advice and help if you need it.