Most classrooms have at least 3/4 noticeboards. This is a quick post about how to make useful displays and what to include on them. 
Fade proof paper – this is very effective and costs about 7 euro a roll. Get another adult to help you to measure and cut it then staple it down (open the stapler fully), add a few thumbtacks to secure. 
Borders around the edges also make it look nice.
Borders and fade proof paper make displays appealing and interesting to look at. 
You also need a sign for each display. This differentiates one display from another.
  • Word Wall
  • Punctuation
  • WOW words
  • Time connectives
  • Example of writing (If you are teaching instructional texts – include a recipe (teacher made)
  • Children’s samples

  • Vocabulary
  • Problem solving strategies 
  • (R.U.D.E (Read, Underline, Draw, Estimate) or R.U.C.S.A.C (Read, Underline, Choose, Solve, Answer, Check))
  • Example of a correct problem
  • Incorrect problem (what did I do wrong?)
  • Good work
  • Questions/Challenges
(Choose 1 subject area at a time. Don’t try to squeeze History, Geography and Science onto 1 board)
  • Brainstorms on topic
  • KWL Chart
  • Pictures
  • Artefacts
  • Questions
  • Project work

  • Class contract
  • Posters
  • Motivational quotes
  • Examples of work
  • Worry box
Childrens work
Picture (used as inspiration)
Information about the artist
Songs we like
Stave with clef and notes (FACE/EGBDF)
Pictures of the children doing drama